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The Kielbasa Factory

 Polish & European Deli and Grocery


About Our Store and Kielbasa:


Located at:
    1073 Rockville Pike,
    Rockville, Maryland






The Kielbasa Factory is a unique experience providing a wide variety of famous Polish sausages, meats and hams found only in our store. You are invited to visit our store and enjoy the taste of our uniquely old world sausages.

Kielbasa is a Polish word that describes a traditional type of sausage. A staple of Polish Cuisine, Kielbasa comes in several of varieties of primarily smoked or fresh cooked lean pork, also available in beef, chicken, turkey, and veal. Every region of Poland has its own unique ingredients and recipes. The most popular are:

Kabanosy – a very thin air-dry smoked sausage
Kielbasa Szynkowa (shinkova) – a very thick smoked sausage made from ham
Kielbasa Krakowska – Krakow Sausage - a thick, straight, hot - smoked sausage with garlic and pepper, a favorite of Polish Kings
Biala Kielbasa – a famous non-smoked fresh sausage traditionally used as an accompaniment to White Borsch, a traditional Polish soup prepared for Easter
Kielbasa Starowiejska (staroveyska) – “Old Country Style Sausage” – a smoked thin sausage made using a very old and traditional recipe
Kielbasa Wiejska (veyska) – a country style sausage shaped like a large U made primary from pork or pork and veal mix, with marjoram and garlic
Parowki (paroovki) – a Polish style hot dog primary made from veal or pork, best served hot with horseradish.

Real kielbasa uses only the choices cuts of tender pork with a little beef or veal added to improve its body and character, no preservatives are typically added. The sausage is seasoned with fresh herbs and spices and then gently smoked, just long enough to achieve the right color, flavor and aroma. It is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner; served cold or hot with horseradish or mustard.

In Poland, kielbasa is traditionally served with fried onions, plain or red horseradish (horseradish blended with beets), or mustard. It can be prepared in large or small pieces, fried together with onions and serve with rye bread or roll.

Kielbasa can be served cold or hot — boiled, baked or grilled. It can be cooked in soups such as Bialy Barszcz (White Borsch), Kapusniak (Cabbage Soup), or Grochowka (Beans Soup), baked with sauerkraut or added to bean dishes, stews (notably Bigos or Hunter Stew as the Polish national dish), and casseroles.

Nowadays, many major meat packers across America offer a product called "kielbasa," but it is usually a far cry from the real thing.

All our famous kielbasa is made by carefully chosen well know master buchers and chefs and is the best quality and taste.

The Kielbasa Factory provides much more than just real traditional and famous Kielbasas. It also offers traditional Polish Dishes like Pierogi, Blintzes, Potato Pancakes, Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), Grilled Polish Kielbasas, Sandwiches, Salads, traditional Polish Soups like Red Borsch, White Borsch, Pickle Soup, Bigos (Hunter’s Stew) and more.

Enjoy our famous and delicious “Pope Kremowka” - John Paul II favorite Puff Cake, our yummy Paczki and Drozdzowki - Polish Style Doughnuts and Danish served best with coffee or Polish tea.

The Kielbasa Factory stocks a variety of grocery items such as traditional Old World Rye Breads, Meats, Sausages and Hams made by famous Polish meatpackers, and Polish and European traditional style pickles, cheese, chocolates, and more.

Kielbasa Factory is a Polish Deli located only 8 miles from Washington DC and only 4 miles north of the Washington DC Beltway (I-495).  This great location makes Kielbasa Factory the only Polish deli in Washington DC metropolitan area.