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The Kielbasa Factory stocks a variety of grocery items such as traditional Old World Rye Breads, Meats, Sausages and Hams made by famous Polish meatpackers, and Polish and European traditional style pickles, cheese, chocolates, and more.

The Kielbasa Factory provides much more than just real traditional and famous Kielbasas. It also offers traditional Polish Dishes like Pierogi, Blintzes, Potato Pancakes, Golabki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls), Grilled Polish Kielbasas, Sandwiches, Salads, traditional Polish Soups like Red Borsch, White Borsch, Pickle Soup, Bigos (Hunter’s Stew) and more.

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Enjoy our famous and delicious “Pope Kremowka” – John Paul II favorite Puff Cake, our yummy Paczki and Drozdzowki – Polish Style Doughnuts and Danish served best with coffee or Polish tea.